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The S.L. Hutchins Bar Association - Executive Team and new Website.

The S.L Hutchins Bar Association is pleased to announce the election of its new executive board, including: Martin Trimiew, President; Michael S. Jones, Vice President; Kisha Cheeks, Treasurer; Harolda Bryson, Corresponding Secretary; and Crystal Carrion, Recording Secretary.

The S.L. Hutchins Bar Association would like to express its gratitude to its immediate Past President, Ariel Anthony, for her hard work and commitment to the organization, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic and look forward to building on her accomplishments and thank her for her continued dedication and support to the organization.

The S.L. Hutchins Bar Association was founded to honor and preserve the legacy of Chattanooga’s first African-American attorney, Styles L. Hutchins. Attorney Hutchins’ story is a powerful and timely reminder of the complicated history of Tennessee’s legal profession and inequality under the law. The S.L. Hutchins Bar Association is the only active minority bar association in Hamilton County, Tennessee and is dedicated to growing and maintaining a diverse voice in the legal profession and community.

Along with the new executive board, the S.L. Hutchins Bar Association has officially incorporated and is actively signing up new members. The S.L. Hutchins Bar Association is a great way to network with other African-American and other minority attorneys, discuss different topics and ideas and get involved in our community. Along with our new website, the S.L. Hutchins Bar Association will be launching various social media accounts where you can learn more about the organization and the various events that we have planned for this year.

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